Blogging Huck Finn, Part Three

I have to say that I am very proud of my students’ posts about Huck Finn on their blog. I am enjoying reading what they have to say, watching as they discover this great book for the first time, and participating in their active discussion. If I could ask them to change anything, it might be proofreading their posts and comments more carefully, but this is the first time many of them have used blogging software. I think it’s easy to spell-check entries, but I don’t think they think about with comments so much. That aside, they are writing about some interesting topics, and I haven’t helped them choose what to write at all — they are simply reacting to and interacting with what they read.

They are excited when they receive comments from “strangers,” or as they put it “random people.” If you are so inclined, check out their writing and tell them what you think.

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