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Pencil on PaperTomorrow is the first day of the 2010-2011 school year. I think the year I don’t become nervous and excited about the first day of school is the year I should probably retire. I teach because I like to learn and I like to share, and I can’t imagine not getting excited about wanting to learn and share more and better each year.

I’m trying out BuddyPress and a wiki for my classes. Our school has Edline, but I found it too limiting for what I wanted to do. I’m looking forward to seeing what my students will be able to do with both.

This semester is my last semester of grad school. I should graduate in December if all goes well this semester. I’m very excited to be finishing. In case you were wondering, I did receive top marks on the project I spent my summer working on. If you haven’t seen the finished product, you can visit it here.

Other stuff I have on tap this year: my first ever presentation at NCTE. I’m both nervous and excited about that. It will be good to see some friends at NCTE, too.

Today I am working on my first week’s plans, which include introductions to British lit., American lit., and Joseph Campbell; teaching the lede and 5W-H questions in journalism; and beginning novel studies on A Farewell to Arms, Brave New World, and The Picture of Dorian Gray.

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  1. The wiki looks fantastic, Dana! I'm interested to see what you do with Buddypress–are you replacing your class blog with it? Best wishes and happy beginnings for the new year!

  2. I'm SO excited for you getting to present at NCTE! I wish I could attend — the district will only pay for those people who are presenting at NCTE. No $$ for extraneous attendees.

  3. I LOVE your site and your style of writing. I noticed the picture of you and Nicki Giovanni. I remember that Ms. Giovanni was the keynote speaker at Miami-Dade College's (where I work) Arts and Letters Day in 1992 (?). It seems ages ago. She was very blunt. The students loved her.

    Thank you for your site as a resource. I also plan to add you to my blog as a link.

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