You’re Never Too Old to Learn

NEW YORK — Kimani Ng’ang’a waited more than eight decades for his first day of school. The Kenyan villager wants to make sure nobody else must wait that long.The 85-year-old Kimani, billed as the world’s oldest elementary-school pupil, toured Manhattan to promote a global campaign urging assistance for an estimated 100 million children denied an education because of poverty. The Kenyan only started his formal education in January 2004.

Read the rest of the story here. Kimani said that he would like to be a veterinarian when he finishes his schooling. In Kimani’s words, “You are never too old to learn. At no time ever say, ‘It’s too late to learn,’ not until the day you die.”

I think that story is probably one of the neatest stories I’ve read in a long time. Good luck, Kimani!