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Miguel Guhlin has joined the UbD Educators wiki and wants your help.  He is posting UbD chapter summaries and wants input from other wiki members.

I want to ask wiki members a question: Miguel suggested that we unlock those summary pages to allow nonmembers to participate.  What do you think?  My idea was that allowing editing by wiki members only would prevent vandalism, but it also closes participation — I have not denied membership to anyone, nor do I plan to (unless they join then vandalize the wiki, which seems unlikely), so perhaps the point is moot.

Check out the summaries and add your thoughts.  I’m really excited about Miguel’s work and plan to begin adding my own ideas this weekend.

3 thoughts on “UbD Wiki: Summaries”

  1. Hm. I don't know. I like having a way to communicate with whoever's posted information or comments beyond just commenting and hoping they come back by.

  2. I do, too, and I think joining up gives contributors a sense of being part of the community. I think they'll check in more often. Then again, we have plenty of members who have contributed no units, content, or comments. I don't mind lurkers, but I wish we could turn it into a more active professional learning network. Any ideas?

  3. *grin*

    Wait for summer ;D I know I haven't done much to contribute since… well, probably since last summer, to be honest!

    We might also want to do something like the Faculty Room – choose a topic for the week and discuss it? That would require less time & effort than unit design and might make contributions a little more feasible.

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