UbD Educators: Suggestions?

I have mentioned before that the UbD Educators wiki has grown quiet.  I think there may be two reasons for this:

  • We’re all busy educators who have difficulty finding the time to create, post, and/or comment on others’ posted UbD units.
  • We’re not getting what we need out of the wiki.

It’s not in my power to alleviate the first problem, and believe me, I hear you there.  However, the second problem is much easier to address.  The wiki is only as good as we make it.  If you need a feature that the wiki doesn’t have, add it.  If you have trouble keeping up with new pages and discussions, try subscribing to the site’s various RSS feeds (you can keep up with all changes or just changes to one page).  If you want to make a change, but you aren’t sure, ask the wiki members about it on the Suggestions page.  the majority of the wiki’s members have not yet contributed either unit plans or discussions.  I want to hear your voice!  I don’t mind lurkers, but we have the potential to make this wiki a huge repository of ideas and discussion about UbD, and we can only do that through teacher contributions.

2 thoughts on “UbD Educators: Suggestions?”

  1. I've been refining and re-tooling some of the materials that I posted on there, but yeah – most of my focus right now is on teaching, because the yearbook is eating up just about all of my free time. I don't have the time or mental energy to even look through new material, let alone post & explain.

    I haven't forgotten it, though! Our final deadlines are coming up, and hopefully after that, I can re-enter the world of the living. 😉

  2. I've really enjoyed the wiki but have been swallowed up by work – all that grading, student council, National Honor Society…. I intend to dive back in this summer when I begin planning for next year.

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