The Classroom of the Future

This past week, our technology coordinator invited me to a demonstration of some new technological equipment he is considering for purchase. I have seen Smart Boards in action — one of my colleagues uses one in his classroom. I haven’t played with it, but it looks really cool, and as much as I like to use web-based information and Power Point demonstrations, I think I could use it. The technology demonstration mostly centered around a wireless slate that can be used with a computer in order to access software applications — you’re not tied to the computer. I didn’t try the slate, but I was told it was sensitive and would take some getting used to. I still think I want one. There were some very interesting software programs incorporated into the Smart technology that could be useful in the classroom. The wireless slate will also work with a Smart Board. Right now, there are several of us who frequently use the laptop and projector, and this technology would make it much easier to access software or web sites for classroom display. We wouldn’t need to have the Smart Board in order to use the slate, but it looks like I’d get more out of the slate if I had the Smart Board, too.

I had a Smart Board on my wish list… here’s hoping!

In addition to Smart technology, I would also like a permanent TV with a VCR and DVD. I can usually get a TV when I need one, but it would be nice if I had one to myself so I didn’t have to worry about it.

What would you like in your classroom? What technology do you already use? Bud uses podcasting quite a bit. What do you think of that? Of what value is that to your classroom?

4 thoughts on “The Classroom of the Future”

  1. Rather than a TV, I hook my DVD and VCR to the projector, right along with the laptop. Works great, and you don't have to store the TV for when you "might need it."

  2. I'm showing my ignorance here, Amerloc, but I'd never thought of that. TV's take up a lot of room. In fact, I didn't realize you could hook the projector up to the VCR or DVD. Thanks for the tip.

  3. SMART Boards are pretty wonderful. I love that we can use them to interact with whatever is on the board. I'm supposed to have one in my room. The wall sits lonely and waiting for it to arrive. The expenditure was approved in May. They might get around to purchasing it in December. Might.

  4. Hi Dana. I discovered your page after reading your comment at David Warlick's 2 Cent's Worth site. Just wanted to share that I use a digital projector hooked up to my laptop computer to project a large image on the screen for my students. I plug a wireless router into the network and can access the internet via a wireless card in my laptop. I find this a very handy way to access and use internet information during whole class instruction. Feel free to visit my 6th grade class weblog (and link to it if you would like) at where we have both teacher and student posts. We also will be putting up our first podcast later this week! You have a great site, one of the best teachers pages that I've seen. I really enjoyed the discussion on cursive; might have to chime in on that later.

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