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Adobe Creative Cloud and Creative Suite 6

Yesterday, Adobe announced Creative Cloud and Creative Suite 6. Creative Cloud will be subscription-based ($29.95/month for teacher/student editions). Users will be able to download and install CS6 applications through the Creative Cloud. Creative Cloud also works with tablet apps like Photoshop Touch and will enable users to sync and store files in the cloud so they can be accessed on different devices. I’m really excited about the opportunity students will have to create mobile apps and magazines and catalogs for iDevices and Android devices. I envision schools creating their literary magazines using Adobe and publishing them via the web and iPad. Since users will have access to Adobe Typekit, which includes over 700 fonts, students can experiment with the look and feel of their publications’ typefaces. Creative Cloud users will also have access to upgrades before they are launched as major updates. Creative Cloud also includes Adobe Muse and Adobe Edge, two new tools for HTML5 design and development. Soon, users will also have access to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 and Digital Publishing Suite via the Creative Cloud.

Creative Suite 6 has updated Photoshop. I was most impressed to learn that the new autocorrect tools do a better job of correcting issues, and the new Content-Aware capabilities look great. Illustrator has a new user interface and Image Tracing Engine, Pattern Creation, and Gradient Strokes. InDesign has new Adaptive Design Tools—Alternate Layout, Liquid Layout, Content Collector Tools, and Linked Content. Dreamweaver will make it easier to design interfaces for different devices, making the process of designing websites to work on iDevices and Android devices easier. Flash Professional includes a toolkit for CreateJS that will help users transition flash skills to HTML5. Premiere Pro has a new editing environment and now supports Open CL on MacBook Pros. After Effects is faster and now includes a caching feature that will make it easier to move among several projects.

You can learn more about Creative Suite 6 here.

Full disclosure: I am an Adobe Influencer and received a free version of the Creative Suite 5.5 Master Collection.

Adobe Influencer Program

The big question in the skyAs you probably know if you read this blog regularly, I have moved into a new role as Technology Integration Specialist at my school. When Adobe approached me and invited me to participate in their Influencer program, I readily accepted because I want to learn a great deal about some of their products, especially Flash, Dreamweaver, and and InDesign. I had so much trouble with Flash when I was creating my project as a student in grad school, and I wish I had been able to ask their experts for help then! I also had a great deal of trouble with InDesign last year as my students were using it to create the newspaper. Adobe has been really great about reaching out to me and offering assistance, but it’s a case of not even knowing where to begin. Furthermore, I have been so swamped learning the ropes in my new position and supporting my faculty with training that I haven’t had much time to play with their Master Collection 5.5 suite.

To that end, I am asking for your help. If you are curious about Adobe and would like to learn how to do something, can you please leave a comment describing what you’d like to learn how to do? I have access to Adobe experts, and it seems a shame not to take advantage of their willingness to help.

Thanks in advance, folks.

Creative Commons License photo credit: kevindooley