Slice of Life: Twinning

This week is our Winter Carnival Week, which is much like spirit week in some other schools. Each day has a different theme, and we can “dress down” as long as we are adhering to the theme. Today’s theme was “Duo Day.”

This morning, I walked into our History/Social Science Department office to pick up a few items, and I noted that two of the history teachers were wearing gray sweaters, just like me. “Oh, I see you got the gray sweater memo,” I said, and one of my colleagues replied, “I wish we would have planned to be duos today so I could have dressed down.”

Cathy and Dana
Cathy and Dana

It’s bizarre how when you work with people for a while, you start dressing like them. A few months ago, my colleague Cathy and I showed up to work dressed alike nearly head to toe. Except for our shoes, we were identical.

Years ago, I had a colleague who had the same denim dress and a similar green flowered skirt, and we invariably wound up wearing our “twin” outfits on the same day.

Why is it that this happens?It never seems to be planned, or at least it’s not in my case. What psychological impulses or weird twists of fate cause us to reach for the same outfits as our colleagues on the same day?

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8 thoughts on “Slice of Life: Twinning”

  1. That’s pretty cool. I had a coworker with which that twinning often occurred. I think I admired her style so much and was influenced by her decisions. She was a great teacher mentor too.

  2. Seriously in sync — not sure how but it does happen. Does the connection include saying the same thing at the same time and/or finishing each other’s sentences?

  3. Remember when you and I arrived at NCTE w/ the same slacks we purchased from Stitch Fix? We have days in my hall when we all accidentally wear the same color. It’s uncanny when the men show up w/ shirts and ties that look as though they coordinated w/ us.

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