Restoration Continues

I have restored all the of the posts that were originally on this blog before my former host went down in February. I am in the process of restoring comments. Because I didn’t make a good back up file before the host went down, I was unable to simply export the posts from Movable Type and import them into Word Press. Still the process is much less painful than it would have been if I’d had to restore the posts using MT. MT requires a lot of rebuilding, which takes a lot of time. Also, I can’t recall whether or not you can edit the timestamp of comments made on MT blogs. I can easily do so with Word Press. Since I have all your comments to this blog, I can simply re-post them, then edit the timestamp to reflect the time at which they were actually posted. At any rate, with the constant rebuilding that would be necessary in order to see the changes made, I shudder to thinkk how long this process would take in MT. All of this makes me very glad I switched to Word Press.