No AYP for My Former Employer… Again

For the third year in a row, my former school has failed to make Adequate Yearly Progress. It’s a real shame, because there are some good teachers there (if they haven’t all bailed). The administration, unfortunately, doesn’t support the teachers so that they can effectively do their jobs. The constant discipline problems at the school prevent students from learning much of anything. I was once called out on the carpet for having expectations that were too high. Now the students are reaping what the administration has sown. It’s very sad for the students, as Ms. Ris reminded me in my comments last time I was perhaps too smug about the results, when they are zoned for a failing school. Because this is the third year my former school has failed to make AYP, they must now offer free tutoring to their students. I hope for the sake of the teachers and students at that school that something will be done about the administration at long last. Sometimes, money talks. I checked, and the high school that all of my former middle school’s students feed into met AYP. Furthermore, all three of the feeder elementary schools also met AYP. Seeing as how the schools have the same “raw material with which to work,” what does that say?

The good news is that my daughter’s school made AYP, as did the elementary school my younger daughter will attend starting in August.

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  1. WEIRD. Here in Beaufort County, SC (specifically the Hilton Head Beaufort area), "spokespersons for the District Office" have said "AYP information will not be available until September"


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