My Computer’s Broken

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Today my computer broke. We are issued MacBook Pro computers at work. Each teacher and student receives the same device, with the exception of sixth graders, who are participating in an iPad pilot program this year. I have had my computer about eight months. We are issued replacements every three years. I hadn’t had any problems with it until today.

I closed my laptop to walk across campus, and when I opened it to take some notes, all my apps were unresponsive. I couldn’t even get to a point where I could force-quit them. So I shut the computer down using the power button—a last resort. When I tried to boot it up again, the progress bar got about halfway and then quit. It happened again. When I tried to boot it up in safe mode, same deal. Twice. So I decided not to try to troubleshoot it anymore. Last time I did that, I lost all the data on my hard drive. I took it to our tech office. My own most recent backup was a bit too long ago to try to restore from, and to be honest, I’m not sure how to do it when the computer won’t even boot up.

Sure enough, our technician had the same results trying to start my computer. He believes there is something wrong with the operating system, so he is backing up my data and doing a clean OS install. I borrowed the computer I’m currently using to make this post, but I don’t have access to any of my documents or other files. Our technician is very good at fixing these types of problems, so it’s not likely I’ll lose anything, but I’m still frustrated.

If you’re like me, perhaps your life is on your device, too. I know where everything is on my laptop. Navigating this temporary computer is a bit like the learning curve I’m experiencing learning to drive my new car. This morning, for instance, I learned I had been driving my car in S-mode, which is really more used for slippery conditions. Oh well. Wish me luck with the computer. I would hate to lose my data.

Aside from that issue, it was a good first day back after break. The students will return tomorrow. I’ll be glad to see them.

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14 thoughts on “My Computer’s Broken”

    1. Me too! Our guy is really good at this, and he has equipment and software. As you might imagine, this sort of thing happens with the large number of computers on our campus.

  1. Even though this is everyone’s worst fear, you are handling your digital dilemma very well! I hope your computer recovers quickly!

    1. My computer is in good hands. Our tech guy didn’t seem too worried. He just was going to need to keep it for a while. Hope it isn’t a long while!

  2. Your post strikes fear into my heart! I keep becoming so lax in my backups. I am shooting some positive energy your direction right now and hoping your tech guy can retrieve your data. What a stressor!!

    1. I think it will be fine. We have Disk Warrior, which should do the trick. Worst case scenario? I will lose about a month’s worth of data. I think that was the last time I backed up. However, I will do better in the future. Just to be careful.

  3. Kudos to you for working through the situation, despite the inconvenience of navigating a substitute computer. How wonderful that you finished your thoughts with looking forward to seeing your students. Your slice shows your positivity even though you are faced with an unpleasant issue. Good luck with getting your computer repaired and your data restored.

  4. A most unfortunate incident that I have experienced recently. Many trips to the Apple Store and online support has me operating again. I certainly understand your frustration but think of the positive side: you have your post up and ready. I hope your problems are resolved as our mine.

    1. I think it will be fine. He’s very good at what he does—as long as you don’t screw it up worse by trying to fix it yourself like I did once!

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