Karen Crow: NFL Teacher of the Year

My grandfather’s first cousin Mary sent me an e-mail today informing me that her niece Karen Crow was selected as the NFL Teacher of the Year based on essay written by her student Devan M., who landed in her school after fleeing Katrina.  Devan’s essay was one of 5,000 submissions.  Karen is the principal of A.G. Elder Elementary School in Joshua, Texas.

Mary said Karen and her family were having a great time in Hawaii, where she will be recognized (we think) during the NFL Pro Bowl game tonight.  Watch out for that.

You can read Devan’s winning essay here.

Congratulations, Karen!

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One thought on “Karen Crow: NFL Teacher of the Year”

  1. I know this comment is a bit tardy but just now found and read the article. I have known Karen since we were in the sixth grade and this honor could not have been bestowed to a more deserving person. She is one of the nicest and most giving individuals that I have ever known. I want to congratulate her for being herself and doing what comes natural to her and thank her for all of the memories. She is truly a "Diamond In The Rough."

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