“Helping” Student Visitors

I have had to make a revision to my policies. I want to make it clear to any student who happens by here that the purpose of this website is not to help students who are unwilling to read their assigned reading, do their homework themselves, or apply themselves to their study. I am happy to answer questions for students who have tried these things and are genuinely stuck, but I am starting to receive requests from students who have not done their work and are panicking the night before it is due. I cannot give you a list of all the [insert literary device here] in [insert work of literature here]. I cannot write your essay for you. Students who happen by here looking for ways to weasel out of assignments should know that the purposes behind this blog are to reflect upon teaching practices, discuss issues in education, and share ideas with teachers. I hope you understand, and I also hope in the future that you will try to do the work yourself first. I don’t mean to be unhelpful or rude, but you must understand that I have a conscience, and it won’t allow me to help you cheat.

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3 thoughts on ““Helping” Student Visitors”

  1. Oh, Dana, so harsh, so harsh. You mean you will not take time out of your day — your papers to grade, your prep, your professional development, your reading, your family — to help some ninny get by. Oh, you cold, heartless person…

    What you should do is lead them down the wrong path, giving them obviously false information that would make them look utterly foolish…

    Keep at it…

    Ah, scratch that… they already do look foolish… and that would still take way too much time…

  2. Dana,

    Good for YOU.

    I was wondering… forever… how you managed to nevah-evah say a nasty word (tho this post was hardly nasty, just a wee bit ster… for you, that is!).. and my take is that whomever(s) was bugging you at the zero hour was likely put up to their antics at the suggestion(s) of their alleged parental units…And, what's MORE amazing is, I would betcha dollahs to doughnuts, the vvv same individuals could take those vvv same words and make YOU look like the wicked witch, in the wrong… Unfortunately, I have seen it happen.. They'll smile and say "Ta" to yr face.. alla way to the princiPAL's office. Anyway, GOOD ON YOU.


  3. It amazes me what students/kids will try to get away with today–from behavior to how they do (or do not) do their homework! You tell 'em! Well said.

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