OK, there is a way to restore my blog posts automatically by converting the HTML into an import file. The trouble is, I can’t figure it out. My technological understanding doesn’t extend quite that far, I’m afraid.

I still have the posts. I am just going to have to go the manual route, which means it will be some time before they are all restored. Just bear with me! I think the most important parts of the site, at least as far as teachers go, have already been restored (my web activities for students). You don’t know how bad I felt when the site went kaput — I knew teachers had been using the online activities, because my site statistics would show something like 40 computers logging on to the site from a school computer lab all at the same time. I thought about how I would feel if my lesson plan was disrupted by the sudden unavailability of the website I was using. Of course, the best of us have a plan B, but still… Anyway, that part of my site was the first to be restored.

Keep watching this space!