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OK, probably everybody and their grandmother (well, maybe not their grandmother) has already heard of the Flip video camera, but I hadn’t until today. One of my students has a father who is a major broadcasting executive, and he was sent one to check out. My student brought it to school. She said, “Hey, Mrs. Huff, you want to see something I think will interest you?”

The Flip video recorder allows users to take up to 30 or 60 minutes of video (depending on the model you purchase) and upload the video directly to Google Video or YouTube. It might work with Teacher Tube, too — I’m just not sure.

I think the Flip video camera will have some interesting applications for education, and if you order three or more from their website, you can get an educator rebate.

Flip Diagram

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  1. I first heard about the Flip video camera at November's NCTE conference. Check out this post by Bob Sprankle on the Flip camera over at Bit by Bit. Good stuff!

  2. Ok, let me tell you that I DID love the camera. The thing needs more darn memory! I made a perfect video for father's day and I was publusihing on Windows Movie Maker,, I took out the dumb camera and stared deleting cause I even saved them on there!! And let me tell you I worked awful hard for that video! I went to play it and guess what? Black screen!! I'm getting a new camera becasue of this horrable incident!!

    You sicken me! and all my co-stars

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