I want to apologize to my feed subscribers.  I upgraded to WordPress 2.2 earlier this week, and I didn’t immediately realize there was a problem with my feeds.  I have corrected the problem, and those of you reading me via a feed reader should be receiving updated posts.

Incidentally, a quick Google search for the error message I was receiving and a glance at the WP Support Forums tells me I am not the only WordPress blogger who appears to have had this problem.  If it happens to you, simply re-upload all the WP 2.2 files.  I originally uploaded mine using an older version of WS_FTP, and the default uploading mode is Binary.  I think you should probably set it to Automatic, so the program can upload it in either ASCII or Binary depending on the type of file.  I am not certain, but I think uploading my files in Binary is what broke my feeds (read more about ASCII and Binary modes).

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