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What podcasts do you listen to?  Do you have any recommendations?  I currently listen to Grammar Girl’s podcast, but I’m looking to expand my horizons now that I finally have an iPod (which I know is not required to listen to podcasts, but does make it easier).  I am interested in recommendations on the following:

  • Technology in education
  • Writing instruction
  • Literature instruction

I am not really interested in politics, NCLB rants, policy, administration, and the like.  I want to know what I should be listening to that will help me learn more about English Education and integrating technology into my curriculum.

7 thoughts on “Educational Podcasts”

  1. I've wondered about podcasts for some time. I don't understand why people enjoy them – I get impatient just sitting and listening. I'd much rather read. I can scan ahead if it's getting tiresome or flip back to review if I'm feeling murky, and it feels much easier to look up and think about something then go back to the text.

    How and why do you enjoy podcasts?

  2. Don't you like the radio? NPR? Same thing, only on-demand. I listen to This American Life via subscription through iTunes. I also listen to a book review/author interview show done by our local NPR affiliate, WABE — Between the Lines. I have learned about some great new books through that podcast, and I almost think This American Life is more compelling in audio than it would be in video.

  3. I listen to NPR podcasts as well. There are so many you can bring into the classroom. For example, so many authors have been interviewed on recorded on NPR. For example, Elie Wiesel has a few things on there talking about story telling. And, pretty much everything has a transcript available so you can print it out and the students can read and listen! Lastly, I used a Podcast called In Character which had a panel of people discussing their favorite fictional characters. I found one for Holden when we were reading Catcher in the Rye which was really fun, but there are a bunch of different characters.

  4. Candice, I checked out the In Character podcast, and I'm hooked! What a great podcast! I wish we could download episodes, but it looks as though you can only download the most recent ones through iTunes. The older ones can still be streamed online, but that makes me nervous because if NPR ever decided to, they could just take them offline. I like that you can buy a CD of This American Life if you want. The one for Holden Caulfield was great!

  5. I am so glad you liked the podcast! NPR is super rich in terms of teaching resources. I always go to it when I am starting a new book! Ideally, I'd like my students to create their own podcasts utilizing story corp. We'll see….

  6. Radio: Not really. And a lot less since (1) I found out about Pandora and (2) we bought a house that's fairly close to the library and (3) my husband and I carpool to and from work.

  7. Oh, I like Pandora, too. You can do other things besides "sit and listen" with podcasts. I'm almost always multitasking on the computer when I listen to them.

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